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Burmese Mountain Tortoise

Burmese Mountain Tortoise

Animal's Behavior

A curious species with a formidable bite, these tortoises can be shy as youngsters. Elaborate courtship behaviors include much head-bobbing and vocalization.

Eating Habits

Grasses, vegetables, fruit, insects, worms


Tropical, humid, evergreen forests

Conservation Efforts

Often bred for the pet trade. Threatened by over-harvesting for food and pet trade, as well as habitat destruction.

Animal Facts

  • Considered the largest Asian tortoise, this tortoise looks like it has six legs because of large, pointy scales on its rear thighs.
  • They are among the most ancient animals in the world, dating back to prehistoric times.

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Quick Facts

Scientific Name

Manouria emys


Animalia, Chordata, Reptilia, Testudines, Testudinae

Place of Birth

Southeast Asia’s mountainous regions


Up to 100 lbs.




Unknown, perhaps more than 100 years

Conservation Status


Mailing address: Audubon Nature Institute 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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