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White Bengal Tiger

White Bengal Tiger

Animal's Behavior

Usually solitary, tigers reach maturity around 5 years of age. The Bengal tiger is the national symbol of Bangladesh and India. White tigers have blue eyes in contrast to regular Bengal tigers, which have yellow eyes.

Eating Habits

True carnivores, tigers feed on barasinga, water buffalo, gaur, muntjac and wild boar.


Tropical deciduous forests

Conservation Efforts

Critically endangered and subject to poaching, tigers are protected by management programs which stress sharing benefits of tourism with local people and regeneration of habitat.

Animal Facts

  • There are legends surrounding the mysterious white Bengal tigers, who were said to descend from one individual in the early 1950s – although reports of the white tigers date back to as early as 1820.
  • They are not traditionally used in endangered species breeding programs, but serve as striking ambassadors for the plight of all tigers around the world.

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Quick Facts

Scientific Name

Panthera tigris tigris


Animalia, Chordata, Mammalia, Carnivora, Felidae, Pantherinae

Place of Birth

Indian subcontinent


500 pounds


White with chocolate markings


20 years

Conservation Status


Where to See

Audubon Zoo

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