Dung Beetle

Dung Beetle

Animal's Behavior

Males and females work in pairs to dig burrows beneath animal excrement. They move some of the excrement down into the tunnel, where the female lays her eggs in it.

Eating Habits

Animal excrement


Southern United States

Animal Facts

  • Dung beetles are not pests, and play an important role in reducing fecal matter in the environment, thus reducing the number of disease spreading flies.

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Quick Facts

Scientific Name

Phanaeus vindex


Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeiformia, Scarabaeidae, Scarabaeinae, Phanaeus, P. vindex

Place of Birth

Southern United States


0.5 - 1inch


Metallic yellow and green. Males have a black horn.


3 years

Conservation Status

Least Concern