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Toco Toucan

Toco Toucan

Animal's Behavior

Non-migratory, found in pairs or small flocks. Toucans nest in pre-existing tree holes and lay between 2 and 4 eggs.

Eating Habits

Primarily fruit-eaters, toucans have been known to eat lizards and insects.


Woodlands, savannah and open areas

Conservation Efforts

The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has a management plan in effect for the captive population.

Animal Facts

  • The toucan’s beak can comprise up to 50% of its entire body area.
  • It also has a long tongue, measuring up to six inches.

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Quick Facts

Scientific Name

Pteroglossus torquatus


Animalia, Chordata, Aves, Piciformes, Ramphastidae

Place of Birth

Central and South America, Southern Mexico, the Caribbean


12 – 29 inches


Black with accents of white, yellow and red. Prominent brightly colored bill.


20 years

Conservation Status

Least Concern

Where to See

Audubon Zoo

Mailing address: Audubon Nature Institute 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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