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Penguins Exhibit

Penguins Exhibit

35 penguins, ranging in ages from 2 to 33 years old, make up the penguin colony at Audubon Aquarium. Many of the birds in our colony are offspring born right here at the Aquarium and raised by our staff, while others are visitors from other zoos and aquariums around North America.

As you watch our bustling colony of penguins as they waddle, hop, dive, and swim during your visit, you’ll see 32 African blackfooted penguins, which are native to Southern Africa (which have a black face mask, and black spots and “horseshoe” on their belly), and 3 southern rockhopper penguins, which live in and around South America and the Falkland Islands (having orange beaks and a yellow crest of feathers over the eyes and behind their ears).  As you might guess, the places where these two species of penguins live have mild climates, so that’s why there is no ice and snow in our penguin exhibit (only 2 of the 18 species of penguins in the world actually live year-round in icy climates).  Juvenile penguins are charcoal-gray, and receive their first “tuxedo” of black and white at 17 to 18 months of age.  Males have blue name tags on the right flipper, and females have red tags on their left flipper.  We have 11 pairs nesting in our colony, so watch for courtship behaviors and pairs going about their nest-building activity.

Penguin feedings occur every day at 10:30am and also at 3:00pm, where you are invited to ask our staff any questions you've ever wanted to ask about penguins.

Want to be a Penguin keeper fo 90 minutes? Check out our Backstage Penguin Pass, an intimate behind-the-scenes experience where you get up close and personal with a couple of our people-friendly penguins, prepare and feed the birds a meal in their exhibit, and learn what it really takes to care for these fascinating birds while taking all the photos you want. Kids four and up welcome.
 You can even Adopt an Animal to help support care for a penguin of your choice.

View the Penguin Cam!

Presented by Animal Planet L!ve.

Follow Kohl the Penguin tweeting from his unique birdseye view inside Audubon Aquarium!


Visit the penguin colony at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas at Audubon's Backstage Penguin Pass in the webisode of The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans:

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