And The Answer Is...

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager

Spring air is so nice and lovely, it is the best time to get out and enjoy nature. Even our spring showers aren’t so bad when you consider that they only last about an hour, and in minutes it seems as if it hadn’t rained at all. When you plan your day just right you can conveniently miss it all together.

My daughter Payton is three and just loves Dr. Seuss. Just the other day she was watching one of her Dr. Seuss DVD’s and while coloring looks up at me and asks “Mommie why is Dr. Seuss a Doctor?; Why you call him that?” To stall I corrected her grammar. “Honey you should say why DO you call him that?” And, of course, she responds with the same inflection and maybe a bit more “Mommie why DOoo you call him that?” Well by this time I’ve done all the stalling I can to come up with an answer. So I do what every wise parent does, I reply “Well that is a very good question. Why do you think they call him Doctor?” I know easy out right? Well not with this whipper snapper. My child knows when I’m dodging a question. “No Mommie, (and she tilts her head to the side) I want you to tell me.” Snap! O wow she’s got me cornered. Waving my white flag I surrender, I have no clue, she’s found me out. But Moms are supposed to know this! Frantically my mind is racing -- um, uh, oh, I make my quick escape to the internet! “Well” I say, “let’s find out together.” In my quest to fill my child’s inquisitiveness I find myself engulfed in the World Wide Web. Quickly I find my answer and my daughter eager to know I tell her what I find. But for you, well we’ll get to that.

In Seussville - that’s the website -  we find just about everything we need to know about Dr. Seuss and I find a new website to bookmark for my eager beaver. “Oh wow” is all I can say. I think I’m more intrigued by my findings than Payton is. She quickly loses interest after she’s gotten her answer. But as I’m browsing through the memories of my childhood through Dr. Seuss, it hits me like brick. “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish”! That’s right it’s been under my nose all this time. It’s the 50th anniversary of the book. And of course our very own Audubon Aquarium is having a celebration! I’m excited thrilled I even high five myself in the air. My daughter laughs at me and proclaims “Mommie you’re silly.” Of course! This place never ceases to amaze me. As it turns out there will be a celebration at the aquarium this weekend for none other than, yes, Dr. Seuss!

I’m on our Audubon website and there it is all I need to know about Audubon Aquarium’s Dr. Seuss celebration. Included in the event are live animal presentations, my kids will love the animal interaction! They’ll also be able to get fish faces painted on and participate in a scavenger hunt in the aquarium. But most importantly for my daughter’s benefit she can make and wear a birthday hat! I have to say this Memorial Day weekend will be an enjoyable one, looking online there are even have more specials for your weekend activities. For the upcoming celebration of the Aquarium’s 20th birthday they are offering a 2 for $20 deal for Louisiana residents. Now who can beat that! Two can visit the Aquarium and IMAX on Monday, May 31st for $20.

Now back to that burning question… Why is Dr. Seuss called Doctor? Well, he’s not really a doctor it’s his pen name. This however was not my response to my daughter. To her I quiet simply explained “He’s considered a Doctor of literature -- that means stories.” And she was quite satisfied by this response.  Feeling quite good about myself at this point I say to Payton in a sing song voice “Some are fast, some are slow, some are high, and some are low. Not one of them is like another. Don’t ask us why. Go ask your mother.” -One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Looking at me she laughs, proclaiming once more “Mommie you are silly.”