Are You Buggin!?

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Buggin -Lubber Grasshopper

   Yes, I’ll admit that, I- AM- BUGGIN! I can’t say that I was always this way but a few people and circumstances have forever changed me. If you’re a parent you are well aware that kids are very curious. Anything and everything can instantly capture their attention. My daughter Payton is no exception. Before I was aware of her extreme curiosity I was very naive to think that she had any reservations… about anything. I refer to her curiosity as extreme because, well, to me it is.
   At home one evening I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner, Payton and Colin my 2 year old were playing in the living room with “Auntie”, my sister. They were playing quite nicely I only heard Payton exclaim, “NO COLIN!” maybe four times and Auntie state only twice that “Somebody will go in time out if they don’t play nicely!” This, by regular standards was a good playtime. As I’m in the kitchen thinking just how much better they are playing with each other, I hear Auntie giving me a heads up “Payton is coming to you, and she has something to show you, but don’t…” she pauses, “just look at what she has before you say anything.” Before I could even question this strange statement here she is, my angel. “Yes, sweetie what is it?” I say. Without a flinch Payton says, “Look what I have Mommie!” Before I could even focus my eyes on what she had in her tiny hand, it jumped up at me, and yes, I was buggin! As I’m spinning around pulling at my clothes like something is crawling all over me, I hear, not one little person laughing at me, but of course my sister is laughing and so is Colin, who has no idea why he’s laughing. They are all laughing hysterically! My first glare is at my sister, “hello, why didn’t you tell me what she had in her hand?” As she is still laughing she says, “I didn’t want you to start screaming about a little insect and create in Payton a fear of this harmless little bug, you know little kids are very impressionable and your reaction reflects on how they will react.” Well yes, this is true but these lessons fly right out of the window when bugs come jumping at you unexpectedly.
   I have to admit that since this episode, I have been calm and now when my 3-year-old daughter hands me a lizard, a beetle, a spider, a grasshopper or, pause for deep inhale, a termite. I take in all in stride. I no longer act like it’s “icky” and I teach her that some bugs can be harmful. Plus, I keep sanitizing wipes in the car, in the kitchen, in my purse and on occasion in my back pocket. So, you see, I have this under control. So, I’ll ask again, “Are you buggin?” Is your child as curious about the world of insects and other arthropods as mine? If so, welcome it as I have because this weekend there’s a birthday party especially for you and your bug-loving babe.
   This weekend we celebrate Audubon Insectarium’s 2nd Birthday! It’s called the “ANT-iversary.” It’s a party where you can learn about all sorts of bugs. Spider-Man, the biggest bug of them all, will be there along with our very own Hugo the Hornet! After you pick up your party hat enjoy a bite of the buggy birthday cake. I hear its crunchy goodness! But you’ll have to try it for yourself. Also during the party, kids will be able to get buggy face painting and insect balloon shapes. So come on out and engage in a most curious adventure. Check out the ANT-iversay this weekend, only at the Audubon Insectarium. And, with a name as cute as that, it’s got to be good!

Event Info: ANT-iversary ~ June 12 and 13, 2010 ~ Audubon Insectarium