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Kick it into high gear!

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Audubon Park jogging path

Summer is kicking into full swing and it’s time to kick off that winter weight. Let’s all do this together and get in shape for summer! The perfect place to get active is right here at Audubon Park. I’m a fan of running in the park and the paved track is 1.8 miles if you circle the track once around. I recommend going around twice for a good workout. If you’re not a jogger or runner, walking briskly around the track will also benefit your routine. Yes, we all know the heat is here and the park is beautifully lined with trees that offer lovely shade from the sun. After your jog, take time to use the exercise stations for stretching and muscle conditioning. 

Okay, so let’s say you’re running, jogging/ walking already and you want a change in your routine. The Audubon Park Tennis courts are the place to shake up your routine. Get some interactive exercise and set up lessons at one of the 10 clay courts. Kids and adults can enjoy this activity. Even if you’re not the best tennis player chasing and swinging at the balls, like I do, will give you a great and hilarious workout.

Audubon’s Golf course has 18 holes and many companies often hosts tournaments here. My favorite spot on the golf course is not really on the course it’s the Golf Clubhouse. I’m a big fan of food, which is why I hit my workouts hard. But I’ll have to tell you if you haven’t gone to the Clubhouse you must go. The Sunday brunch is a treat that you’ll have to indulge in and coming up on Father’s Day weekend, I’d say this would be the perfect time to experience it.

Let’s start the summer off right with consistent workouts and a healthy dose of the great outdoors, because even during June in New Orleans, there are many places to have fun in the shade. Well, I’m off to shift my routine into high gear. I challenge you to do the same.


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