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Getting My Groove Back

July 9, 2010 | Tag(s): Monkey Hill, Zoo Camp
By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo
july 024


I’ve been in a funk for a week.  I don’t know why.  I have a good life, a healthy family and job that I love.  I just have felt “down”.  I lost my groove.  I tried to cure it with ice cream and frozen yogurt.  I tried to snap out of it by giving myself pep talks.  I even started reading a new book about being positive.  I still wasn’t feeling the “rainbows and unicorns…” of my usual life, so I did what I have been preaching to anyone that would listen to me for years.  I went out into nature.  I went out into in the zoo.

I went out early before the zoo opened (a perk of working here) and sat on a rock at Monkey Hill.  I took my shoes off and put my feet in the running water.  I could see the Eland (a large antelope) and Thomson gazelle  across the stream from me.  The Aldabra tortoises were a few feet away and various ducks and birds were everywhere.  I was quiet and enjoying the morning sun, the trees and the water running and I started to feel better.

I enjoyed nature and its solitude for 20 minutes and then I heard “them” before I saw their approach.  The bright blue train came over the bridge and I could see the zoo campers in their white shirts. Two groups of zoo campers had ridden the train to their favorite spot-Monkey Hill.  The train stopped in front of me and the noisy campers all got off and there were lots of cheery “Hello Miss Brenda!”  Shoes and shirts were flying everywhere and then Monkey Hill was taken over by the zoo campers.  Up the stream, down the stream, climbing on the rocks, lying in the pools, scampering across the road to see the tortoises, splashing and squealing.  I had to join them.  We climbed the stream up and then stood under the waterfall.   They told me about a hornet that had drowned, a beetle that was on the tree and did I know that we have Asian elephants and not African?  I took some pictures and then snuck off.

I walked through “Africa” saw the zebra, the wildebeest and the rhinos.  I passed the primates and said “hello” to the Asian elephants.  I passed a fountain and a giant live oak.  Before I reached my office I had my groove back.  Get outside, enjoy nature.  Get your groove back.

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