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Back in School

August 27, 2010 | Tag(s): 20th Birthday, Activities, Aquarium, event, Party
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Back in School

School is kicking back in and kids are haphazardly falling right back into the routine. Yes, haphazardly, because this process, is a process. There has been some crying and pleading – “No Mommie I don’t WANT to go to school” especially from my two little ones but in no time they’ll be skipping off to school and almost forgetting to kiss me goodbye. My son Colin had his first day of school last week. Colin is two and he’s never been in daycare or had “organized play.” My daughter Payton who is now three had her first year of school last year. It took a little adjusting but she loved going to school and playing with all her friends. I remembered her first day and knew it would be a tough one for Colin when we’d have to say our goodbyes. I had been preparing them both for a few weeks with the idea that school was soon starting. They didn’t take too well to me talking about going to school, so I was beginning to have first day fears as well. A few times when I’d mention going to school I made it firm that we’d go and there would be no crying, if they were good we would all go to Audubon Aquarium of the Americas for the big 20thbirthday party in September. But that was only if they were good. I told them how they could get balloons, meet Curious George and get fishy face painting. I kept telling them that if they did well and had no crying at school we’d get to wear party hats and have a big birthday cake at the Aquarium. Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. Yes I do sometimes bribe my kids, but in this circumstance it was definitely needed. The first day of school started off well, Payton and Colin seemed excited about putting on their uniforms and carrying their own school tote bags. When we got to school Colin was very excited about all the activity going on and immediately found something that caught his attention. He was doing great so far, no fear in sight. On the other side of me, well, actually attached to my leg was Payton. She was holding on to me as if we were glued together. I was in disbelief that my older, been there done that big girl was clinging to me as if I were the last life vest from the Titanic! What happened to my confident three-year-old? I had to find something to engage her and try to make my escape! But as I looked at her she kept pleading with her big brown eyes “Mommie don’t leave me!” Oh how the look on her face completely ripped my heart out. Then came the tears, one last quick hug and kiss, I had to get out quick so she wouldn’t see my tears. Meanwhile Colin just waved bye and went on his way. This was shocking, being the typical momma’s boy. I just knew the following day would be a different scenario for him, he’d realize then that I’d leave him for the whole day. Later that morning the teacher called to give me an update, they both were doing wonderfully playing and engaging in activities, “no more tears” she assured me “so now the only one crying is you.” This, of course, only encouraged more tears. Sniff sniff “yes I know,” oh the joys of parenting! And as promised since they were so good at school we will be partying with the sharks at the biggest birthday party of the year. The only problem is that the biggest baby of them all, yes that would be me (clearing throat) didn’t keep her no tears side of the deal, but I’ll let myself off the hook this time. I’ll kick up my heels and second line with the Algiers Brass Band into the Aquarium for the 20thbirthday party! First day of school, tears? Who me? Not a chance! (*wink)


Event Info:  Aquarium 20th Birthday Party ~ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas

September 4, 5, and 6 2010 ~ 10am – 5pm  

Mailing address: 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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