A Dream No More

September 15, 2010 | Tag(s): Aquarium, entertainment, music, Party, Scales & Ales, tickets
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Dreaming of Scales & Ales

There’s a funny story I have to tell you. Whenever someone says, “Hey, I have a funny story,” the tale is almost always never funny. But, believe me this is a hoot. This took place a while ago. Names, specific dates and places have been changed to protect the identities of the people involved. Just kidding this isn’t Law and Order. But hey I had you going there. Now that I’ve gotten your attention there was this dream I had recently. Late one night I found myself inside Audubon Aquarium of the Americas after the regular business hours. At first I’m the only one there, so I’m a little uneasy as I walk. It wasn’t dark, the lights were on everywhere. It was glowing and looked beautiful. As I began walking around I started to hear music playing softly. The more I began to navigate my way around, the music became louder and louder and sounded as if a live band were playing. Now at this point I had become curious as to where the music was coming from. I’m thinking who would be in the aquarium when it’s supposed to be closed? Are those voices I’m hearing? And then, oh look fish are swimming over my head in the Caribbean Reef! Around a corner I turn and I see a plethora of tables lined with the most amazing food. Standing at each table are chefs waiting to hand out the most delectable dishes. All of a sudden I find myself in the Gulf of Mexico where sharks, stingrays and even a green sea turtle are swimming right before my eyes. As I’m floating in disbelief someone taps my shoulder and asks if I’d like to try a specialty cocktail, as I turn and look, there are at least 15 more waiters in line behind him to offer a cool concoction. Is this a dream?! I’m pinching myself! Am I really in the aquarium soaking up the sounds of live music and happy people dancing? Did someone just say yes? No one is around but Spots the white alligator in the Mississippi River Gallery. He smiles at me. Now I know this must be a dream. How could there be a celebration so wonderful with all this amazing food and drinks? Oh, but there is! It’s called Scales & Ales and it’s happening Friday, September 24th at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. A dream no more, it’s here and happening this month. New Orleans loves a party and we’re still celebrating the Aquarium’s 20th birthday. You can order your tickets today to come and celebrate at Scales & Ales! I know you’d love to join us I’ve got more details coming up in the next blog.


Event:         ~ Scales & Ales ~ Friday, September 24 ~ 8pm-11pm ~

                             ~ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas ~