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Zoo Year's Resolutions

By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo
White Rhino

It’s time to make some 2011 Zoo Year’s Resolutions. Make this a year to connect back to your family and the wonders of nature. These resolutions are easy to make and keep! Here are 5 to get you started.

1. Become an Audubon Nature Institute Member. In only a couple visits to the zoo or aquarium the membership is paid for! You can enjoy the beautiful grounds of the zoo as your own personal playground. You will be privy to great festivals, discounts and more.
2. Spend one night camping at the zoo with your family. The Audubon Zoo’s Safari After Dark will give your family a chance to spend special time together and you can wake up to the roar of “Bubba” our lion. It’s much cheaper and safer than a real safari!
3. Touch and learn about at least one mammal and reptile. You can do this at the Zoo’s Discovery Walk. Do you know what a hedgehog feels like? How about a Burmese python? The educators and volunteers would love to talk to you about the animals and give you that chance to see what they really feel like. You can also get some great pics!
4. Learn about at least one endangered species. We have many at the zoo, from the Orangutans to the Louisiana Pine Snake. These animals depend on zoos and people like you to make sure they are around for future generations.
5. Bring your family to at least one Audubon Zoo Festival (they are free as a member!) Dance to the Cajun music at Swampfest, learn how to save the world at Earthfest, or get your groove on at Soulfest. Your family can make a tradition of being together and enjoying music, great food, crafts and more.

Once you complete these you will find so many more. Make 2011 the year to really enjoy your family and nature. Disconnect from the technology and rediscover what is really important in life. Your children, grandchildren and friends will thank you.

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