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Come Have Breakfast with the Penguins!

By: Dee, Aquarist at The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas


The Aquarium is home to twenty-four African black-footed penguins and three rockhopper penguins. Like I have mentioned before, with twenty-seven birds and twenty-seven interesting personalities; our Aviculturists, David Brandt and Tom Dyer have their hands full. Meet some of the personalities you will be dining with during Breakfast with the Penguins.


Fanny- The matriarch of our Penguin colony, Fanny, is twenty-seven. I have always been partial to Fanny, I think it’s because we share the same birthday! She and her mate Ernie are our two oldest birds.


Amquel – Named for the compound we use to remove ammonia and chlorine from our exhibit water, he is one of the easier penguins to distinguish from the colony. Amquel has one feather that grows in upside down (even after he molts.) This causes the feather to stick straight up, instead of laying flat like the others. Amquel is Endymions father.


Augustus – Was named after the gluttonous Augustus Gloop, a character from Roald Dahl’s classic children’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Bunny – One of our rockhopper penguins. Since their arrival at Audubon, Bunny and Dennis have been in constant competition for Rocky, our female rockhopper.


Dennis – Since he is one of our rockhopper penguins, his full name is Dennis Hopper; a tribute to the late Easy Rider actor.


Endymion – Our most recent penguin born on exhibit, she was named for the Mardi Gras parade that rolled the night she was born.


Evinrude – Was named after the famous Evinrude outboard motors because she is such a fast swimmer.


Garth – Was named after country superstar Garth Brooks.


Kenickie – He was named after Jeff Conway’s character, Kenickie in the movie Grease. Ironically he spends most of his time with Rizzo.


Kohl- was named after the cosmetic preparation, used especially in the Middle East to blacken the rims of the eyelids.


Lola – Because of her bossy demeanor, she was named after Lola in Damn Yankees. Her attitude made the song lyric “Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets..” come to life.


Mitzi – Named after the film actress Mitzi Gaynor.


Nonamé – After coming to us with no name, she was dubbed Nonamé by our veterinarian Dr. Field, and it stuck.


Quatloo – On Star Trek, a quatloo is a monetary unit on the planet Triskelion.


Rizzo – Named after Stockard Channing’s character Rizzo in the movie Grease.


Satchmo – New Orleans Jazz musician Louis Armstrong was nicknamed “Satchmo.” In New Orleans we celebrate Satchmo SummerFest every August.


Snapper – Snapper is easily distinguished from the rest of the colony because he only has one eye. He lost his eye in a fight with another penguin.


VooDoo – It wouldn’t be New Orleans without a penguin named VooDoo. Despite her name, VooDoo is one of the sweetest penguins. VooDoo is Endymion’s mother.


If you can't make it to our Breakfast with the Penguins, we hope you stop by everyday at 10:30am or 3:00pm to see our Penguin Feed

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