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Traditions this year

December 2, 2010 | Tag(s): Activities, family fun, Holiday fun, Imax, movie, traditions
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Light the way

It’s beginning to feel more like fall and winter. We actually had to turn on the heat this week! In my house that is a big step because we (my husband) like to keep the house temperature at a chilly 68 degrees. I try to keep the kids bundled in long sleeves and jackets to keep them toasty warm.  Yes, I mean inside the house. But they always manage to rip everything off and run around barefoot. I guess they’re hot bodied like their father. And like most people, this week marks the annual time of year that we begin to decorate the house. With my husband and I having a three and two year old we’re trying to establish our family traditions for the season. We all went to see the new holiday movie at the Entergy IMAX® theatre “The Light Before Christmas.” This was a charming family movie that was the perfect length to keep my two and three year old interested. As a matter of fact as soon as it ended my daughter Payton exclaimed she wanted to see it again! I think Colin, my two year old, enjoyed it as well. Ever since watching the movie he has this fascination with putting his socks on his hands because in the behind the scenes portion there was a funny part with sock hand puppets and he just loved it! We’ll be going back because they both loved the whole experience of it and the IMAX® screen is always an awe to look at. Holiday movies are a joy to watch and seem to put you in a jolly mood. We’ll definitely put this on our list of traditions. One tradition new for us this year that we’ve done at home is “Elf on the shelf.” We have certainly have delighted the imagination of Payton with this storied tradition. Colin likes it but I’m not sure if he has the same grasp on it as Payton. If you haven’t heard of the story here’s a quick rundown. Packaged together are the book and a small stuffed Elf. As the story tells it, the Elf is there to watch and report back to St. Nick about everything your little one is doing, good or bad. Every evening after the little tikes go to bed he leaves the house and goes on his magical journey to see St. Nick. He returns every morning but in a different spot in the house. The delight comes when after searching and searching your child finds the Elf sitting in a different spot watching and waiting to until the next evening. So far, Payton has loved searching and finding the “Elf on the shelf” she can hardly contain herself when she spots “Simon Says” (that’s what she named him). The holiday traditions are just beginning for my family but I already know too things that we’ll keep up with. I hope you can add “The Light Before Christmas” holiday film at Entergy IMAX® Theatre to your holiday tradition this year too!

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