Catching Up With Old Friends

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
kids and Komodo

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had this biting cold weather. You know the kind of cold that seeps under your clothes and bites you in the back. Yep I’ve had that chill and a little cough and sniffles along with it. But finally this past weekend I began to shake off my winter weather woes. I had been looking forward to the extended weekend and as it happens on Monday we had the most beautiful weather on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  My kids had the day off from school, so of course we had to schedule a play date for my daughter with two of her “old” friends. Yes, can you image, a three year old has “old” friends. The girls’ friendship goes way back to last year when they were at the same school. Of course, as you would guess we met at none other than Audubon Zoo. I promise you I had nothing to do with the play date location. But I’d have to say I think it’s got to be one of the coolest locations for kids to meet for a play date. Our meeting spot was the children’s area across from Discovery Walk. The girls were a little shy about seeing each other at first but quickly warmed up and were off running and playing. Of course they all loved riding the Endangered Species Carousel we had to do a little negotiating to get them to move on to something else. We let them run around on the play area a little while longer until the next scheduled Swamp Train was to arrive. My two year old son tagged along with us and was practically jumping out of his skin to ride on the Swamp Train. Once the train pulled up we all jumped on board and even though they had plenty of room for us to spread out the girls and my little boy all wanted to sit on the same row. So it ended up being a tight fit with two mommies and four little ones all squeezed together on a single row. The Swam Train ride was fun they oooh’ed and ahhh’ed at the behind the scenes experience. Once we were done they were only interested in Sea Lions and Snakes! Yes they were beyond excited to check out the snakes. Once there, they were more excited to play on the statue of the Komodo Dragon. Go figure? Our play day was just about done and we had only one thing on our mind, food! We hadn’t seen such beautiful weather in a while so we decided to sit outside and eat at Zoofari Café. The girls could sense the day was coming to an end and began to get a little antsy. I think all of us were pretty exhausted and I was looking forward to their nap time. There were hugs, tears and long goodbyes but our day together had come to an end. They promised to see each other again and gave more big hugs. We all walked out together and as we turned to wave and yell goodbye once more I couldn’t help but think how Audubon Zoo has forever captured a moment where “old” friends reconnected.