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Es la bas!

February 25, 2011 | Tag(s): Aquarium, Insectarium, Mardi Gras, parade, Party, second line, Zoo
By: L'jeanne, Marketing Manager

It’s that time of year again…it’s carnival time! Whether you’re a parade go-er or not I think that the season is here for locals to revel in all things N’awlins. Where else can you go on down to the Audubon Zoo where day all axed fuh you. Around this time of year everyone in the city gets a ‘lil pep in their step and rain or shine we’ll pick up an umbrella and dance on down the street. Don’t forget your handkerchief! Wave it around and dabble in an impromptu second line parade. Hey maybe I’ll start one here in the office! I’ll just need a little music. Is everybody ready C’mon sing it with me. This is a carnival classic by The Meters. I know you all know this song here we go! A one, a two, a one, two, three! … 


Es la bas 

Day all axt fuh you

 I wennon down to dee Audubon Zoo

An day all axt fuh you

Day all axt fuh, (fuh who?)

Well day even inquired about chuh’

 I wennon down to dee Audubon Zoo

An day all axt fuh you

Duh mounkeys ast, duh tiguhs ast

And duh elephant axt me too


Red beans. Rice

 Bomp Bomp Bomp


Buh Deeba Doomp Beemp Bomp

 Es la bas (Es la bas) (Es la bas)

Red beans n’ rice

Creole gumbo


Now I got you singing C’mon get out and play! Take a day and go to the Aquarium, then walk on over to the Insectarium and hitch a ride on the street car and ….come on down to dee Audubon Zoo where day all axt fuh you, fuh who?! Fuh you!


It’s always a wild time at…

~ Audubon Zoo ~ 6500 Magazine Street ~

~ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas ~ 1 Canal Street ~

~ Audubon Insectarium ~ 423 Canal Street U.S. Custom House ~



(song lyrics provided by rhapsody)

Mailing address: Audubon Nature Institute 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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