Winter Weather Relief

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
T-boy float

Okay, really, I think we’ve all had enough. Even T-Boy nutria has proclaimed that winter will end early and we’re going to have a great Carnival Season. So, now I want to know. What’s the hold up? Maybe La Niña wants to give us one last chill because we’ll be putting the Gris Gris on the summer sun that will no doubt be beaming on us with unforgivable mercy. Whatever the case, I just want some winter weather relief. My next question is what are you going to do? Most kids don’t like being cooped up in the house all weekend. They’ve got to get out and explore. Do yourself a favor, put on some long pants and sleeves. Don’t begrudgingly stay in the house this weekend. Get out and do some INDOORS! There is this wonderfully, beautiful Zen garden that you’ll need to check out, and its inside! The Butterfly Garden at Audubon Insectarium is a place that you have to visit if you haven’t been – and even if you have. The lush indoor garden is a site to be seen. You’ll feel almost as if you’re outside. I love the tranquil sound of the streaming water in the Koi ponds. You’ll feel an uplifting delight if by chance one of the beautiful butterflies lands on your shoulder. In the Hall of Fame gallery, there’s the most captivating visual display of quite possibly every butterfly there is. Over in the Metamorphosis Gallery you may even see butterflies emerging from chrysalises. This gallery will be able to show you the incredible life cycle of insects. If you’ve got questions, head over to Boudreaux’s Bait Shop. Our insect experts are on hand to tell you everything you’ve ever wondered about Louisiana bugs. We’ve got so many of them here I know you’d like to know what they really do and why are they everywhere? I could go on and on about everything there is to see and do at the Insectarium, but describing it doesn’t even come close to experiencing it. Grab your coat, keys and kids this weekend you’ll be eating a chocolate “chirp” cookie, oh did I not mention that? At Bug Appétit you never know what you may try until you get here. Well I guess you’ll have to come and experience it all for yourself this weekend at Audubon Insectarium.


~ Audubon Insectarium ~ 423 Canal Street U.S. Custom House ~

~ Open: Tuesday – Sunday 10am – 5pm ~

~ Driving & Parking ~