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Busy, busy, busy...

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
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AHHH! Spring time is here, and the weather is perfect for enjoying all things outdoor. And… hey, if you’re going to go out, why not visit all of Audubon Nature Institute! Now I’m going to give it to you straight this is the best time to visit Audubon Zoo and it’s our busiest time. But don’t you worry, all you have to do is follow my tips and you can be on the fast track to enjoying your day. To get past the ticket lines in a breeze, visit our website and on the right side hit the tickets button and… Ta Da, you’re there! Every attraction is listed for you all you have to do is choose one, or two or hey why not all four with the Audubon Experience package. You can even go one step further and purchase a family membership and get the most bang for your buck with unlimited visits and all kinds of cool member benefits. Once you’ve got your online ticket purchase out the way, it’s time to visit! First up let’s map out Audubon Zoo. Our fan base is amazing and everyone loves coming to see  our animals. And since you purchased your tickets online you can smile happily as you walk right up to the gate to experience one of the top five zoos in America. I don’t like to brag but, yep we’re that good! You’ll know it when you get here by all the people who want to experience it just like you. Once inside the zoo, plan out your journey. I like to start at the farthest exhibit and move my way forward. We’ve also got some exciting extras at the zoo. Our Dinosaur Adventure is back and better than before and you can purchase your ticket right at the exhibit. The kids will love the new Dinos. We’ve got a Baryonyx, a Muttaburrasaurus and of course T-REX is here! You’ll learn some interesting facts about these extinct dinosaurs. You’ll get a full day of fun at the zoo. Next up on your Audubon visit checklist will be Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Your online ticket purchase ahead of time will save you time from standing in line so you can go in and see all the fancily dressed penguins. Also new to the Aquarium is Parakeet Pointe. Last week was our big opening and the kids enjoyed all the weekend activities! You’re going to love walking around the exhibit watching the beautiful birds and the view from the exhibit of the river is something that you’ll have to see. Following your aquarium visit head over to Entergy IMAX® Theatre for a gigantic show! Deep Sea 3D is such a great movie, another must see to check out is the IMAX® film Hurricane on the Bayou. Great storytelling and music make this film incredibly engaging.  Now one of the last things that you must, must plan to do is  visit  Audubon Insectarium. I can tell you that this is the most engaging and enthralling attraction you will come across. You will love learning so many things about those little creatures called bugs! You may even want to try one for lunch. The most captivating part of the Insectarium is by far the Butterfly Garden. It’s as if you walk into a peaceful garden. Watching the butterflies in flight is a delight and if you’re lucky, one may land just close enough for that perfect picture. But don’t move to fast, they will flip and flutter right off to another landing spot. We love our visitors and the great part about our attractions is that we welcome you to come again and again. Each time you come you’ll get a new experience that you will always remember. Make sure to plan ahead this spring season and buy your tickets online... who wants to stand in line? 

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