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Spring Cleaning

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager

What is it about spring that gets you in the mood for cleaning? Is it because the seasons are changing and the wind blows a cool breeze of rejuvenation? Well I’d like to think so. This extended Easter weekend break is the perfect time to move those long sleeves to the back of the closet. You know here in New Orleans we don’t really box up winter clothes and put them away because, let’s be honest we really don’t have that many winter clothes. So if you’re like me you may transfer clothes to that harder to reach area in the closet that you don’t often search through. Or you move winter clothes to the back or bottom of your dresser drawer. Maybe you even stand on a chair and stuff heavy coats at the top of your armoire and pray that it all doesn’t come tumbling out onto your head. Unfortunately, I do all of the above. After you’ve cleaned, straightened, dusted and purged, sit down and take some time to enjoy your handy work. Then jump up and say “Let’s have some fun!” Make plans to visit the best family attractions here in New Orleans. Spend a day at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and feed parakeets at Parakeet Pointe. Get a large popcorn and watch Grand Canyon Adventure 3D at Entergy IMAX®. Take a stroll through the Butterfly Garden at Audubon Insectarium, and come on down to Audubon Zoo where the monkeys asked, the giraffes asked, even the tigers asked about you! Happy Easter I hope everyone enjoys the wonderful weekend!



It’s always a wild time at…

~ Audubon Zoo ~ 6500 Magazine Street ~

~Entergy IMAX® Theatre ~ 1 Canal Street ~

~ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas ~ 1 Canal Street ~

~ Audubon Insectarium ~ 423 Canal Street U.S. Custom House ~

Mailing address: 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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