Summer Time, Summer Time, Sum, Sum, Summer Time!

Aquarium happy independence

It’s official: summer time is here! So, get yourself into a relaxed state of mind take a long stroll, watch the trees dance in the wind. Take note of all the wonders of nature that you’ve been too busy to really enjoy and then get out and have some real fun! This Fourth of July all Audubon Nature Institute venues will be open! The way to visit is really very easy. You just buy your ticket online. On Saturday July 2nd make your way to Audubon Insectarium where we’re going to have a celebration of Red, White & Butterflies! From 11am until 3pm let an artist paint a picture on your face. We’ll also have magicians, jugglers and a balloon artist who will delight and entertain you during your visit. A must on your list at the insectarium is the display of beautiful red, white and blue butterflies. It is an amazing array of color and beauty. If you’re ready for outdoor fun, make your way over to Audubon Zoo. Now you can stay later with our longer hours. Cool Zoo is making a splash and the kids are raving about how fun it is. Jump into the fun and slide down the big white gator’s tail. But you better watch out for the big bucket water drop. Once the bucket fills, the alligator can no longer hold it and splash! It’s all on you! This Fourth of July weekend will be the perfect time to experience our Cool Zoo, we’ll be open until 7pm.  Another great thing you can do on the weekend is visit Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and Entergy IMAX® Theatre. Right now playing at IMAX® is the new feature Under the Sea 3D. It is an amazing movie about what lives deep in the ocean waters. Just steps from the Aquarium, Go Fourth on the River will be taking place and there will be so much to do fireworks will be lighting up the sky to celebrate our Independence. But make sure you get into the Aquarium to cool down and take a break from the heat. Those loveable penguins will be feeding at 10:30am and 3:00pm see them swim, slide and glide. And now I have a special announcement that you’ve all been waiting for. Drum roll…… This summer Audubon Aquarium of the Americas and Entergy IMAX® Theatre are going to be open SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! Yes, that’s right everyday this summer the Aquarium and IMAX® will be open every day of the week! Monday, Monday, Monday now through August 1st we’re open, open, open! Have a wonderful Fourth of July and we’ll see you on Monday! 


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