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July 29, 2011 | Tag(s): audubonzoo, Facebook, Twitter
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager


Are you a fan? Are you a follower? Do you post? And did you see that YouTube? If you have no idea what I’m talking about its time for you to crawl out from under that rock! Join Audubon on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We’re connected and we’d like you to get connected too. We’ve got tons of fun facts that we love to share. Our Facebook friends get all the inside scoop about what’s going on at Audubon. Our twits love to hear our tweets about deals and events. Check out our YouTube videos, we’ve got two geeky guys that looove to rap. We’re so social we’ve got more than 45,000 likes on FB --  *that’s shorthand for Facebook. See if you didn’t know what that meant then you need to catch up on social media. Do you tweet? What’s the TT for today?  Please tell me that you know that TT stands for Trending Topics on Twitter. It’s the daily list of what the world is buzzing about, yes the WORLD! The whole world is checking out what’s trending on Twitter and connecting on Facebook. How about we make Audubon a trending topic we want everyone to hashtag Audubon Zoo #audubonzoo. We’d also love to get the word out for everyone to like us on Facebook. Our next goal is to reach 50,000 fans and we’re almost there! Tell your mama, daddy, sista and brother we want Audubon Nature Institute to reach 50,000 fans and then surpass it. Can you help us!? We CAN do it! Re-tweet, post and comment how much you love Audubon and ask all of your friends to become a fan, a follower and like us. Let’s make this interesting. Tweet a link to this blog, post a link on Facebook send to as many friends as possible to get Audubon up and over 50,000 fans. I feel a social media awakening here in New Orleans at Audubon Nature Institute. We offer such valuable information on animals, conservation, the environment and we have the best fundraiser in the city. Because yes we are true New Orleanians and we DO know how to throw a party!  So do you like us? Really, really like us? Give us a thumbs up and get the world buzzing about Audubon.


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