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Interview with a box turtle

July 12, 2011 | Tag(s): Box Turtle, Discovery Walk, Zoo Camp
By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo
Zoo Camp

We are now in Week 5 of our Audubon Zoo summer camp and this week’s theme is “Mythbusters”.  Lots of animals have myths about them so this week we are studying the different animals to see what is true and what is not.  The “giraffe” group, which is comprised of 6 year olds, interviewed a box turtle named Denise.

Here is the interview:

Hello turtle!  Thanks for coming out of your shell to talk to me.  First of all, what is your name and how old are you?

36 and my name is Denise. (Box turtles can live 30-50 years and we don’t really know how old Denise is.)

Could you describe your home?

My shell is my home and I can fold it like a box. (Box turtles live all over the United States.)

What are your favorite foods?

Plants, a little dead meat, berries, bugs and mushrooms. (Box turtles do eat those things!)

Tell me a little bit about your childhood…

I came out of my egg.  I ate some bugs, I had a nap and I fought off a snake. (Baby box turtles have a hard time surviving.  They are on their own and have lots of predators)

What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you?  

A person took me from my habitat and then I bit him.

Describe a perfect day in your life.

I would eat, sleep, play and dig for worms.

We heard that turtles can leave their shell.  Is that true?

That is a myth. We are attached to our shell.

Myth busted!

You can meet box turtles and more at the Audubon Zoo Discovery Walk. 



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