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Hollywood loves us!

August 19, 2011 | Tag(s): Aquarium, celeb sighting, Insectarium, Zoo
By: L'jeanne, Marketing Manager
Buck Guess who

We’re all a little intrigued by celebrities. Admit it: you sometimes wander to those entertainment websites and blogs to get an inside scoop on what they’re up to. If you don’t, well you’re just boring. Kidding!!! But really, do you sometimes think… how do people live like that? They just aren’t normal. But I know a few celebs who have come around these here parts of Audubon. And guess what? They were just plain normal people enjoying a fun day at Audubon. Let me begin by saying that specific names and sightings will not be disclosed to protect the famous from being identified on their next visit. LOL. So let’s start with popular man uno-numero uno??? he loves bringing his two young sons to all of our properties and from what I hear they especially love Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. He and his wife like to make a day of it and tend to spend a very long time walking around. But I must say that his visits may take a hiatus for a bit because eh hum (clears throat) football season is about to be underway. GEAUX SAINTS! I mean GO Team with that cool quarterback. Another man of a different sport has come by and tested the slides at Cool Zoo with his young son. He dribbles a lot but he’s no R2D2 and his moves are quick on the court. If this NBA deal drags along we may even see more visits from him the rest of the year. Another celeb who’s been around here a time or two, owns a home here sometimes gets into a cage but when he’s here he just likes showing his son, whose name comes from the superman comic, our exotic animal collection.  This next guy came by and no one told me until he was gone and oh how I wish I’d seen him in the flesh! He often likes to go shirtless and it’s been said he doesn’t wear deodorant but hey you get no complaints from me. He’s a McConau-hottie and has a beautiful wife and two gorgeous tikes. Yep they’ve been to Audubon Zoo a time or two enjoying some QT time with the fam. He’s also been to the aquarium, and Insectarium but he thinks that Audubon Zoo is THE best zoo he’s ever been to. Another celeb who was once married to that “Winning” guy recently tweeted that she enjoyed her day with her daughters at Audubon Insectarium. Now that’s what I call Winning! A couple of other famous moms who’ve come by with kids in tow include the uber fashionista who’s also known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw. And this celeb mom just welcomed a new baby boy and her mom is a true Goldie. We’ve also recently had a presidential candidate come and enjoy a day at the zoo with his family and I bet you never knew his middle name was Leroy. Another young lady who slimmed down in size enjoyed taking a walk in Audubon park. She’s got a heavy metal Dad and a Mum who checks out Americas talent. She’s also known for going toe to toe with Joan Rivers on Fashion Police.  We’ve had so many cool celebrities come by you may have seen one or two yourself. On your next visit to the zoo, insectarium or aquarium, if you see a familiar face, just be cool and thank them for visiting New Orleans and the best attractions of Audubon Nature Institute.

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