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Smile and say caption this!

August 26, 2011 | Tag(s): Aquarium, caption contest, parakeet picture, Parakeets
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Parakeet Caption contest

If these birds could talk, what would they say? I know at times you may find yourself looking at a photograph and thinking, humm I wonder what was going on here. You may even conjure up an entire scenario about what was taking place in the picture. Okay so you may not come up with a whole story that might be me and my overactive imagination. Whatever the case, I challenge you to let your imagination go beyond the ordinary. Think outside of the box. We are putting on a photo caption contest and want you to come up with a clever, fun and interesting caption for the photo. Have you seen our new Parakeet exhibit at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas? We have hundreds of free flying parakeets in the exhibit and we’ve captured some intriguing photographs and now we’re posting those pictures for you to caption We’d love for you to put on your clever thinking cap and create captions for the parakeet photos we post. There are just a few guidelines and things to know before the contest begins. First you have to like us, not just like us, but, like us like us, like on Facebook like, like you know? *chuckle. So once you do that you will be able to submit your captions to the pictures posted on Facebook. One new photo will be posted per week and submissions will conclude at the end of the week for each photo. We will select four captions per photo and post on our website. Here is the part when you tell your friends and family how clever and funny you are and to go to Audubon’s website so that they and anyone else who may think your caption is cool can vote for one of each of the photo’s caption. Those captions with the highest vote rating will be selected as winners—one for each photo. We have a whole set of guidelines and rules that you can review on our contest page. We’re going to be starting soon so make sure you’re facebook user to enter. Our photo posting dates are on Mondays in September, beginning September 5th We’re going to announce the winners on Friday, October 21, 2011. Each of the cleaver wordy winners will receive a Multi-year Audubon membership, winning photos and captions will be appear on the Parakeet Pointe page for 1 month, and a complimentary room night with Marriott Hotels. Also included will be ten guest passes to Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, plus a fabulous prize pack with goodies from Audubon Marketplace and partners. Are you ready to play!? Good luck!


Audubon Aquarium of the Americas invites bird enthusiasts of all ages to participate in the Parakeet Pointe Photo Caption Contest to celebrate our newest exhibit! Let your imagination go "wild!"

               These parakeets are looking for your help in putting their actions into words!
              Please visit Audubon's Facebook page to post your captions! Remember to "like" us!
                                               Rules and Regulations and contest dates




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