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An Audubon Zoo Animal Wish-List

By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo

The day after tomorrow is the official beginning of shopping and gift season.  We buy gifts for many reasons.  Sometimes the shopping is fun because we get to buy toys and playful items for children, sometimes the shopping is not so fun because we are buying something for someone that already has everything.  What is important though is that this is the season of giving and there are some animals here at the Audubon Zoo that would really like a toy for the new year. (And its really fun to shop for them! )

Children like toys to keep them from getting bored and so do animals.  We call this enrichment.  Enrichment is providing stimulating and challenging environments, objects, and activities for animals in zoos and aquariums.  This is as critical to an animal's well-being as having the right food and medical care.  Zookeepers are great at creating enrichment items out of very cheap stuff, but they also look longingly at boomer balls and well-made chew toys.  These things are costly and sometimes they are just not possible when other things need to be purchased.

This holiday season you can be Santa from your own home.  You can buy the Audubon Zoo animals enrichment gifts from the Audubon Zoo Animal wish list.  Imagine the ostrich looking into his very own mirrored disco ball (yes, that’s what he asked for!), or the endangered African Wild Dogs chewing on an animal sounds X-tire ball, or a giraffe licking on his very own Jolly apple.   We can’t forget our scaly friends in the Reptile House either.  They would like some coco bark or papaya treats.  The list is long and the animals at the zoo sure would like some toys this holiday season.

I like to shop and I really like to shop on the internet.  This Black Friday I am going to stay in bed and shop for a Wildebeest on my computer.  I can’t decide whether I should get him a Pony Pops Lic n Spin or a Jolly Apple.  Please help out our zoo animals.  You can wait for sales and free shipping; you can check the whole list until you find the perfect toy: you can even wait until the very last minute.  I will update it as the animals make their wish lists, but please make sure you think about them this holiday season.



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