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Polar Express coming TOOT TOOT!

By: L'jeanne, Marketing Manager
Polar Express IMAX3D



 All Aboard! The Polar Express starts this Friday, November 25that Entergy IMAX® Theater!  Bring the whole family for a gigantic 3D movie experience everyone will enjoy! The movie is filled with mystery and wonderment and is becoming a great holiday classic. The design of the film is spectacular and the images almost look lifelike. It’s an enchanting story of a boy who is taken on a journey to discover if there really is a Santa Claus. I’m a big movie fan and I love Roger Ebert’s take on the visually stunning work of Polar Express IMAX®3D. In his review he states…




“The look of the film is extraordinary, a cross between live action and Van Allsburg's artwork. Zemeckis, the same director whose "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" juxtaposed live action with animation, this time merges them, using a process called "performance capture," in which human actors perform the movements, which are translated into lifelike animation. The characters in “The Polar Express IMAX®3D” don't look real, but they don't look unreal, either; they have a kind of simplified and underlined reality that makes them visually magnetic.” – Roger Ebert


Get on board and come to Entergy IMAX®with the whole gang in tow to see “The Polar Express starting this Friday, November 25th!


Info:                             ~ The Polar Express: An IMAX 3D Experience ~

                                             ~ Opening Friday, November 25th~

                                                   ~ Entergy IMAX®Theatre ~


*Special Offer! --> Free Plush to first 500 Polar Express visitors to Entergy IMAX® Theatre on Friday, November 25.

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