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Year in Review

December 21, 2011 | Tag(s): Aquarium parakeet point, Cool Zoo, Imax movies, zoo blogs
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager

Well this year is on its way out and we’ve had good times here at Audubon Nature Institute. We’ve had so many activities which included our annual zoo festivals - Soul Fest, Earth Fest, Mother’s Day featuring Irma Thomas, Celebración Latina and Swamp Fest. We’ve also had the most anticipated grand opening of Cool Zoo Splash Park! The Zoo will NEVER be the same! Kids and adults have thoroughly enjoyed getting splashed and doused with loads of water. Over at Audubon Aquarium the brand new exhibit Parakeet Point gives us up close encounters with an array of beautiful parakeets. This exhibit has become a great spot for fascinating snapshots. Along with all of the fun events that have occurred this year I’ve enjoyed writing some great blogs. What better way to wind down the year than to take a look back at my favorite blog topics. This year started with a group of old friends getting together for a memorable time at Audubon Zoo. It warmed my heart to see how one play date would be a lasting memory for a lifetime. The liveliest topic was so much fun there was a little second line involved and everyone was dancing in their seat. When its Mardi Gras time around N’awlins be ready for a party to pop up at any moment. One of my quirky blogs challenged everyone to join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and watch us on You Tube. I’d like to think that my calling out to everyone began the movement that has our friends and followers increasing in number! I must also include in this top fave count the list of “who’s who” that has made their way to our attractions. Do you know all the celebs that have come ‘round these here parts? You may be surprised at who’s enjoyed the Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium and IMAX. I also must admit that I’ve loved blogging on all the new and great movies that we’ve had the pleasure of showing. We’ve had a really good looking guy on the huge IMAX screen, lions have roared their way into our hearts and we’ve jumped on board a train to the Polar Express. I’ve had such great pleasure blogging about all the fun things to do around Audubon and the upcoming year will only keep getting better.

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