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Asian Festival and Hornets Day!

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
APAS 2012

The Asian Pacific American Festival is this Saturday, May 19th at Audubon Zoo.  The Festival is a daylong event with music, costumed performers, Asian foods, and arts and crafts. The Capital One stage in the festival area will be filled with all kinds of great entertainment showcasing an array of Asian cultural performances. Throughout the day there will be live performances of Taiko drums from Japan; Singkil, which is a Philippines kids dance; a Ram Chui Chai dance from Thailand; the Lion Dance from China; a Bhangra Dance from India and Fan Dance from Korea. The movements and costuming will be absolutely thrilling to see. Also on the stage will be all kinds of musical performances that will highlight songs from Asian countries. One of the other highlights of the festival is the fashion show of all the cultural attire in the Asian community which is sure to be impressive and inspiring.  This festival entertains and educates everyone who comes. Your family will enjoy the cultural escape that you’ll feel when here at the zoo.  Another way to dive into the Asian culture is through the food. We’ll have specialty dishes that are specific to the Asian community like mandoo, a Koren dumpling; Vietnamese bubble drinks; Chinese sweet and sour chicken; Gulabjamun, an Indian sweet delicacy; Cambodian BBQ Lemongrass beef or chicken; Pad Thai and so much more!  You can be a foodie for a day and eat all the favorite foods of Asian culture. It’ll be a great Saturday for family fun at Audubon Zoo.  On Sunday head over to Audubon Aquarium of the Americas for Hornets Day!  They’re back again with all kinds of great Hornets activities.  The event will be from 10am until noon so get there early to meet the coaches.  We’ll have prizes, games and hairspray! You know you want a blue Mohawk! Another great treat will be the Creature Feature. Two segments will be on Sunday, the first from 10am to 10:30a and the second from 11:30am to noon.  Of course, as always Hugo will be on site ready to entertain and pose for pictures. He’s always the life of the party!  This weekend we’ll have great fun filled family adventures waiting for you at the zoo and aquarium. It’s the perfect time for all to make it an Audubon Day!


Info:                             ~ Asian Pacific American Festival ~

                                               ~ @ Audubon Zoo ~

                                    ~ Saturday, May 19th 10am5pm ~



                                                 ~ Hornets Day ~

                               ~ @ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas ~

                                    ~ Sunday, May 20th 10am – noon ~ 

Mailing address: 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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