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Butterflies and Birthday Parties

Birthday Butterfly Party

We’re having a new kind of birthday party for your kids and it’s at Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium! If you’re looking for a new twist to a party you’ve got to check this out.  The whole event is such a treat for the kids. Whether you have a girl or a boy, this party can be specialized for either. We know boys like playing around with cool creepy critters, but how about baking some chocolate chip cookies with worms! Ewwww, right? No way, they absolutely love it! And the girls do, too. Your kids will have a personal bug chef for the party that will help them bake and learn about insects people eat!  Boys and girls are delighted when they hear about all the bugs that people cook and eat. But this party is not just about cooking delicious insects.  We’ve got butterfly and bug crafts, too.  Kids can learn how to make a butterfly using coffee filters. I’ve seen this first hand and it is a fun, creative experience for the kids.  Once all the great crafts and cookies are finished it’s time for the party pizza.  This is the time when the kids start calming down and getting settled. , OK no not really. They are just as excited about pizza as they are about baking cool chocolate chirp cookies. They are bouncing around for more, more, more fun to be had. And there is more to come. It’s about that time to sing a happy birthday to that special birthday boy or girl. You know kids love their cake and ice cream. A birthday party at the Butterfly Garden & Insectarium is such a treat for the kids and the parents, too.  Once all the celebrations are done kids and their parents can go out and explore all of the exhibits.  The birthday party and activities are entertaining and engaging.  Everyone must get a chance to experience this kind of party first hand. This is a one stop shop for a one of a kind celebration. Once this secret is out we’re going to fill up fast, so book your party today!




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