Cooling down and Dinosaur digs

By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager

It’s hot and everyone needs to cool down, and the best place to do just that is at Cool Zoo!  We’re open every day of the week so come by any day to enjoy a big splash of fun at Cool Zoo.  We now have cabana rentals during the week! You can set up a cool lunch date with the kids while they splash away the day. Once you’ve played and had a big dunk from the alligator bucket head out to the zoo and walk around to see the orangutans and giraffes. Another great spot to play is Monkey Hill. Kids love the big hill and the climbing rope.  You can even indulge in a sweet treat at Monkey Hill. All you grownups don’t just sit down; join the kids and run up that hill. When was the last time you did that?!  You’ll feel like a kid again.  And what about dem dinosaurs! Have you been to see our new collection?! We’ve got big biting, gigantic dinos that move like real creatures.  Some of the names are a little difficult to pronounce like Acrocanthosaurus  and Pachycephalosaurus but everyone knows T-Rex and Triceratops! They’re all here and it’s exciting to see how they would look if dinosaurs roamed the Earth today. Over in Dinosaur Adventure you can also try your hand at archeology and dig for ancient remains of dinosaur bones. Once you’ve done your exploring check out the dino store for some cool gifts. We’ve got cool one of –a- kind items on sale.  You may think your day is done but let me tell you the kids will be ready to splash some more, before you head home remember to stop by Cool Zoo for one last alligator bucket drop!  It’ll be a splashing end to the day!


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