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"Why I Love the Audubon Zoo" by guest blogger-Sarah Christopher

By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo


I love the Audubon Zoo!   The Audubon Zoo is near the Mississippi River in New Orleans.   There are more exciting things there than any other Zoo that I know.  My mom works there, but she does not work with the animals she a finance worker.        

             I get to see tons of animals; there are elephants, tigers, orangutans and more.  Once my mom did not know an exhibit and I showed it to her for the first time.  All the animals in the Zoo are safe and cheerful.  There is also the Dinosaur exhibit that has robot Dinosaurs and I am scared of them.  The Swamp is where the alligators swim; there are 5 or 6 alligators in the Zoo.

               The Monkey Hill was the first hill that kids could play on in the city; it is the most fun place in the Zoo. Sometimes people swim in the little pool in Monkey Hill.  Cool Zoo is a new cool water feature in the Zoo.  I had my 7th birthday there.  It has a fake big alligator that pours down water on the kids.

               There are lots of events; some of the events are Zoo to Do, Boo at the Zoo and Earth Feast. This year and last year I even got to do Irish Dancing at Kids Zoo to Do. There are even weddings at the Zoo that are like $4,000 dollars.

           I even spent the night at the Zoo once.  I was with the Girl Scouts and we could not use a flash light.  It was scary, the lion was roaring so everyone would be quite and most of the other animals were sleeping. We were sleeping in tents, some girls slept in each other’s tents but I did not. We went on a night hike and a morning hike, the night hike was scary because we had no lights.

        Sometimes, I go to Zoo Camp and I get to go behind the scenes where I get to pet snakes and feed elephants.   I know lots of people at my mom’s work so I always say hello.  Zoo Camp is so much fun!  We make lots of art projects that are useful.  We go out in the Zoo and learn lots about animals like what they eat and where they really live. There is animal time where we get to touch lizards and rabbits and more.

      This is why I love the Audubon Zoo!   I think when I grow up I will work at the Zoo as a zookeeper.  I think that I will work with the elephants and clean up elephant poop and recycle it.   

 Thank you Sarah.  I couldn't have said it better!!  Don't forget the Audubon Zoo has holiday camps.  What better way to get your children outdoors on school breaks? 

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