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Real Life "Hunger Games".

February 21, 2013 | Tag(s): Audubon Zoo Education
By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo


One of my favorite family events that we do here at the Audubon Zoo is our overnight adventures called Safari After Dark.  This is a unique opportunity to actually sleep on zoo grounds and wake up to a lion’s roar or the call of a Siamang ape.  After the guests go home and the staff lock up for the day the education department and the families get the zoo to themselves.  It is a unique experience.

We have decided to make this experience even more educational and exciting by creating an evening of role playing in the cruel, dangerous world of Predator/Prey.  This is a more realistic “Hunger Games”.  Life as  prey or predator is hard and relies on many adaptations and techniques to survive.  If you join us on our “Hunger Games” of predator/prey you will see if you have the necessary skills or instincts to survive.  Predators will be in this role playing game, but so will famine, disease, and humans.

Learning the concept of the amazing food web and the science of predator/prey relationships has never been so fun.  If you or your tween has ever read the Hunger Game series this event is definitely for you.

We will start the evening setting up camp and enjoying your picnic dinners and then the lesson begins. This Safari After Dark is designed for the older child (8 and up) and adults that want to experience  supervised survival behaviors.  (We have two more Safari After Darks that are better suited for the younger children.)  The evening will also include animal time, fireside snacks and a continental breakfast in the morning-if you survive.

Come join us for a unique evening inside Audubon Zoo.  We guarantee you will leave with a better concept of predator/prey relationships!


Safari After Dark-Hunger Games  March 2.

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