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Super Super Weekend!

By: L'jeanne, Marketing Manager
aoa superbowl

There are countless parties going on this weekend and a host of things to do. The big question is: “have you decided what you’re doing?”  If not, you know I have a few suggestions.  Before the big game I urge all of you locals to check out our beautiful city downtown.  I am truly impressed at how the city got all fancy and dressed up to welcome all the visitors in town.  Woldenberg Park has been decorated and made into a football fantasy land. The gigantic roman numerals made a grand entrance and are set up as the perfect backdrop for a picture.  Get down there and take a memorable snapshot today!  We want to be good hosts so show out of towners that New Orleans knows how to be nice and have a good party.  We’re going to bring the kids down there and look at everything and enjoy all the activities.  You know a lot of the events are taking place right in our back yard of Audubon Aquarium of the Americas so you’ll have to make a stop inside to say hello to all of the swimming sting ray and the adorable penguins.   Let’s not forget about Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.  It’s always fun to challenge someone to eat a bug! Head over there and Instagram your adventure.  We’ve also got great movies happening at Entergy IMAX® Theatre right now.    Since everything is happening right by the Aquarium and IMAX®, we’ve decided to extend our hours so everyone will get to enjoy our attractions a little longer. This is going to be a full weekend for my family. My little-  I mean- my big girl is turning 6 years old today and the party started this morning  and will continue all weekend. I call her my Super Bowl baby. I can remember it like yesterday. We came home from the hospital on a Friday and had a Super Bowl party at my house on that Sunday. Yes, I believe I was tricked into hosting a party that year by my husband but, everything went well and I’ve never forgotten how great it was. So this year it’s going to be a family birthday outing tonight, big skating birthday party tomorrow and we’ll close it out with a super super party on Sunday. Oh and of course we’ll be singing happy birthday at each of these parties. I think my 3 month old will know how to sing happy birthday after this weekend. Laissez les bon temps rouler!




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