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Year of the Snake

By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo
Mexican Rattler


This is the weekend of celebrations for Chinese New Year and 2013 is the Year of the Snake.  Audubon Zoo education department is also celebrating the Year of the Snake with special activities this weekend, but we want you to celebrate snakes every day of the year.  Snakes are some of the most misunderstood creatures and it is our job to help everyone understand how important they are to the health of the natural world.  Snakes are an important part in the delicate balance of nature.  Small snakes feed on harmful arthropods.  Larger snakes feed on mice, rats and other small mammals that can destroy crops and delete valuable food supplies.  Snakes also provide food for larger predators like hawks, owls and small carnivores.

The snake is one of the most popular of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals.  If you are a Snake person you prefer a quiet, undisturbed stress free life.    You do not lose your temper quickly.  You plan and think and make rational decisions.  Once you make up your mind you strike quickly-just like real snakes.  The Snake person tends to be a loner.  There aren’t many social real snakes out there.   The comparisons are spot on.

We have snakes for you to check out and touch regularly at our Shell Theater and Discovery Walk.  We also have our larger legendary snakes like King Cobras and Anacondas in our Reptile House.  There you can find out what we are doing to save the most endangered snake of North America-the Louisiana Pine Snake.  If you haven’t been to the Reptile House in awhile you should check it out on your next visit to Audubon Zoo.  They have brand new carpeting and lots of enhanced exhibits. It’s also climate controlled so great to enjoy on a really cold or really hot day. 

If you are lucky enough to be a snake person use your talents to have a great 2013!  If you are not a snake person you can still check out how cool these reptiles are at Audubon Zoo.

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