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Spring Around

March 21, 2013 | Tag(s): Aquarium, Butterfly garden, Imax, Zoo
By: L'jeanne, Advertising Manager
Zoo-To-Do for Kids 2009

It’s that beautiful breezy time of year. Spring has arrived, and the weather is perfect for enjoying all things outdoor. And… hey, if you’re going to go out, why not visit all of Audubon Nature Institute! Now I’m going to give it to you straight this is the best time to visit Audubon Zoo and it’s our busiest time. But don’t you worry, all you have to do is follow my tips and you can be on the fast track to enjoying your day. To get past the ticket lines in a breeze, visit our website and buy online… Ta Da, you’re there! Every attraction is listed for you all you have to do is choose one, or two or hey why not all four with the Audubon Experience package. You can even go one step further and purchase a family membership and get the most bang for your buck with unlimited visits and all kinds of cool member benefits. Once you’ve got your online ticket purchase out the way, it’s time to visit! First up let’s look at Audubon Zoo. With your online ticket purchase in hand you can smile happily and walk right up to the gate to get your day started. Once inside the zoo, plan out your journey. I like to start at the farthest exhibit and move my way forward. You’ll get a full day of activity in this way.  If you’d like to see the many inhabitants of the sea, head over to Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. The Gulf of Mexico exhibit is the largest exhibit at the aquarium and you’ll see sharks, stingrays and sea turtles. Along with sea creatures you can also see some beautiful birds over in Parakeet Pointe.  This is the best way to get up close and personal with a parakeet. While you are downtown head over to Entergy IMAX®Theatre for a gigantic show! Right now we have special showings of the Hobbit so get over there to see it in IMAX today!  Wait, wait, wait one of the other things that you must, must plan to do is visit Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium. I can tell you that this is the most engaging and enthralling attraction you will come across. You will love learning so many things about those little creatures called bugs! You may even want to try one for lunch. Round up the kids and head out the door right on over to an Audubon Attraction today. It’s all about a plan of activity this spring season, buy your Audubon tickets online today! 


                                                       ~ Audubon Zoo ~

                                      ~ Audubon Aquarium of the Americas ~

                                                ~ Entergy IMAX® Theatre ~

                                    ~ Audubon Butterfly Garden & Insectarium ~

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