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Questions, Questions, and more Questions

May 3, 2013 | Tag(s): Audubon Zoo
By: L'jeanne, Marketing Manager


Now I know you probably won’t agree with me now, but it’s going to stop raining here every day.  It’s been pretty wet around these here parts of New Orleans but I see brighter sunnier days ahead.  My son sees these brighter days coming in our near future too. He has recently begun asking me the same question every night before bedtime. You see at bed time he has this routine where he tries to prolong going to sleep. First it’s ‘Mommy I have to go potty’. Then it’s ‘Mommy *cough cough I need water.’  This is a no no because we have to establish a cut off time for drinking before going to bed. But that’s whole another topic. Then it’s ‘My tummy hurts I need to go potty.’, But you just went so what now!? Then lying in bed ‘Mommy, Mommy umm’… and *ding ding bell ringing , let the questions begin!… ‘When are we going to go play by Maya and Gavin?’  Then it’s ‘When are we going to have a sleepover by Maya and Gavin?’  Then comes the next question. ‘When are we going to have a play date with Maya and Gavin?’. I have to remind him that this is the same question he just asked a few minutes ago. He always says nah anh and I have to say again that it is and we can have a play date when he EATS ALL his VEGTABLES!! When I try to leave after giving kisses and hugs and flattening the covers out once again all the questions are repeated, every one in the same order… all – over -  again.  After telling him to go to sleep and to not ask me anymore if he is going by Maya and Gavin I leave the room but I hear a faint mommy, mommy calling.  So back in I go, again, but before he gets to ask me any questions I say Colin I said don’t ask me about Maya and Gavin anymore and he says I’m not I want to know when are we going to go by Ever’s house I have to again remind him that it is bedtime and he cannot keep asking me to go by anybody’s house or to have play dates and to just go to sleep already.  So as I tuck him in again and get ready to leave the room he calls me…. again, Mommy…. I just look and then I say sternly, ‘Colin I said don’t ask about going by anybody’s house anymore!’, And he looks at me with his big eyes and says ‘Oh no mommy, I wasn’t going to ask that.’ I was intrigued so I ask ‘What?’ He says ‘Mommy when are we going to go to Audubon Zoo?’  He got me! I couldn’t do anything but laugh and say ‘Well, sir, we will go to Audubon Zoo but right now you’re going to bed! Good night!

Score card: Colin 1, Mommy 0  - We battle again tonight, but this time I win.

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