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Hangout for Orangutans

June 8, 2013 | Tag(s): conservation, Hang Out for Orangutans
By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo
Feliz and Menari

On Monday, June 10, Audubon Zoo’s precocious little orangutan "Menari" will be celebrating her 4th birthday.  She is still a toddler and will celebrate this birthday close by her mother’s side.  Orangutans only have one baby at a time and the young stay with their mother until they are around seven to eight years old.  That is longer than any other mammal other than humans.

Orangutans are found on only two islands, Borneo and Sumatra.  They are classified as two distinct species reflecting this geographic distribution.  Menari and our other two orangutans are Sumatran orangutans and are Critically Endangered. 

The biggest threat to orangutan survival is the loss of their rainforest habitat.  On June 15 at 7pm, three world renowned orangutan experts will present “Hangout for Orangutans” at the Audubon Zoo in the Dominion auditorium.  This is the starting point of a world tour to raise global awareness and education about the dire situation orangutans are facing and what we as consumers can do about it.

Come to the zoo on Monday to see our adorable baby orangutan open boxes and eat fruity treats, then come back on Saturday to learn what you can do to save their species. The lecture is free, donations are welcome. We will have raffle items and more to raise funds for The Orangutan Project and Orang Utan Republik Foundation.

Hangout for Orangutans

Saturday June 15

6:00pm reception/cash bar

7:00pm presentation

Audubon Zoo Dominion Auditorium

For more information contact Brenda Walkenhorst at

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