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These are Real Wild Animals!

By: L'jeanne, Marketing Manager
Nicole, Kristin, and Emma


We’ve got a great new web series that’s coming your way.  You must see this new behind the scenes all access web show!  The series premier is this Thursday, July 25th at 6pm.  You can check us out here.  Set your calendar reminder and be sure to watch.  This is going to be a fascinating look into the behind the scenes happenings here at Audubon Nature Institute. You’ll meet our friendly staff and get to know how much they love and take care of the wild animals in our collections.  There is so much that happens in a day at Audubon and we wanted to show it all to you.  So there will be weekly webisodes that highlight different daily aspects of what our staff and animals do.  The first episode titled Sea Otter Playtime, will give you a close up look at the lovable animals.  Here’s one fun fact that I know about sea otters… they have built in pockets under their arms! Isn’t that cool, it’s the equivalent of having pockets in skirts and dresses for me… soo cool.  Ok so maybe it’s not the equivalent but kinda sorta right?!  Well the countdown is on, and there’s only a few more days before our webisodes begin! We’re just too exited for you to get a glimpse inside The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans


Info:                       ~ The Real Wild Animals of New Orleans ~

                                           ~ Web Series premier ~

                                      ~ Thursday, July 25th @ 6pm ~



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