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The Rock Still Has It

June 7, 2014 | Tag(s): Audubon Zoo Camp
By: Brenda, Director of Education and Volunteers, Audubon Zoo
june 025

Four years ago I decided to create an activity that would encourage the summer campers to spend more time exploring the zoo. I painted a river rock, added some large blue googly eyes and named her “Brenda Bee”.   Every Monday at the morning meeting I introduced “Brenda Bee” and explained that she would be hidden in the zoo and the camp group that found her would win an ice cream party.

She became very popular and the campers became too good at finding the black and yellow rock.  I climbed trees, scaled Maya ruins, braved alligators in a Cajun houseboat and accidently broke off a T-Rex tooth hiding the rock so as not to be found in a few hours.  The goal was for the rock not to be found until at least day three of camp.  The longer it took for the bee to be found the more the camp groups headed out into the zoo to look for her.  They actually started to beg the counselors to go out and look.  Each day the rock was not found a clue was given.  Campers coming in the morning would run to the announcement board and read over the clue and discuss the possible whereabouts.

The rock is back for summer camp 2014 and she is still just as popular.  Week 1 had the rock in the dinosaur exhibit.  She was found on day two.  The group that found her was elated and had their ice cream party on Friday.

The rock has taken a beating over the years, an eye had to be replaced and she has a few claw marks from the anteater.  I thought about painting her and then I felt she earned her scratch marks and lost paint.  The rock is still accomplishing her goal, she still has it. 

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