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Hospital Keeper II - III

Job Type
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The Hospital Keeper is responsible for providing food, water, cleaning, observation, enrichment and care of animals housed in the Animal Health Care Center (AHCC) and Quarantine facilities.  They are also responsible for general Hospital and Quarantine cleanliness and assisting the Veterinarian and Veterinary Technician in medical procedures as needed.

Provide a guest experience of outstanding quality.

  • Coordinate incoming animal shipments and quarantine schedule with each curator or assistant curator of each section.
  • Provide engaging and informative tours to school groups and Zoo camp groups.
  • Maintain accurate records of animal care of animals housed in Quarantine or AHCC, and assist with other record keeping duties as required.
  • Maintain AHCC in clean and orderly condition, including stocking supplies, maintaining relevant inventory, general cleaning as needed
  • Responsible for implementation of AHCC volunteer program in coordination of AHCC Manager and Volunteer Coordinator, including scheduling, training & general oversight of volunteers
  • Assist in laboratory procedures performed in house, and prepare samples to be sent to other laboratories as needed.  In house includes but is not limited to parasite exams, cytology, and urinalysis (training provided).
  • Assist Veterinarians and Veterinary Technician in routine health procedures
  • Knowledge of the principles of animal husbandry and zoology
  • Knowledge of animal care procedures established by the zoo
  • Ability to exercise sound judgment to evaluate any emergency situations that arise.
  • Ability to work as a team with volunteers and other staff
  • Interact positively with the public and co-workers.

Enhance the care and survival of wildlife through research and conservation.

  • Knowledge of the various types of wildlife and their individual husbandry needs.
  • Assist Veterinarian in all medical needs of the individual animal cases.
  • Educate public about needs and proper treatment of wildlife when picking up injured wildlife at Audubon Park and public donations at the front gate.
  • Assist as needed in maintaining accurate records of any medical care, laboratory results, serum and tissue banks, controlled substance logs, and assist in other record keeping duties as required.
  • Ability to use a computer to obtain and retain information, and generate reports
  • Skilled in the observation, capture, restraint and transport of animals
  • Under direction, observe general animal health and behavior on a daily basis and report any abnormal situations to a supervisor.
  • Maintain records of health and behavior status of animals in designated area as directed.
  • Prepare and follow prescribed diets and feeding procedures.
  • Participate in behavior modification and enrichment programs as assigned.
  • Assist in training, supervision, evaluation and assignment of volunteers as needed.
  • Participate in capturing, restraining, and moving animals as trained and directed.


Supervision:  Training and general oversight of volunteers.


 6 months kennel/keeper experience in a veterinary hospital, zoo, or similar facility.

Veterinary Assistant experience in a clinical setting preferred.

Associate’s degree and 18 months animal experience at an AZA institution or a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (or related field).

A general knowledge of zoonotic diseases and their prevention.



College credits in Biology or related field

Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred




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