Sea Lion Trainer II-III

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Audubon Zoo Sea Lion Trainer II-III


Audubon Zoo in New Orleans is currently looking for a sea lion trainer who wants to be part of a fun, dynamic, and growing team.  Our candidate is someone who is passionate about sea lions, operant conditioning, conservation, and our guest experience.  You will be able to work in a supportive and innovative team environment where you will be able to grow professionally. 

The Sea Lion area is currently undergoing significant renovations.  It is an exciting time to be a part of the growth at Audubon Zoo and a great opportunity be a part of taking our Sea Lion experience to the next level. 



Responsible forthe primary care and training of the California Sea Lion collection.
Maintain sea lion exhibits, holding areas, filtration, etc.
Maintains high standards in all areas of sea lion husbandry and programming.
Contributes to the sea lion enrichment program.
Prepares food and feeds according to established procedures.
Observe animal behavior and report unusual/abnormal behavior to supervisor.
Participate in both passive and non-passive restraint for medical procedures.
Maintain all feeding, behavior, training and medical records.
Meet and exceed welfare standards established by USDA, AZA and IMATA.
Accurately assess water chemistry and temperatures and reports anything unusual to the senior trainer/water quality staff.
Enter exhibits by use of SCUBA equipment to clean exhibit (weekly), provide animal care, and/or feed.

Work in an outside environment in all types of weather (extreme cold, heat, humidity and rain).

Willingness to be a member of the Zoo’s Hurricane Team
Provide assistance with on-going, non-invasive research projects.
Can be assigned departmental jobs for the Sea Lion section.

Support the internship program

Perform all other duties as assigned by the senior trainer.

Maintain a high level of motivation and a consistent professional approach to your job

Ability to precisely follow complex instructions provided both verbally and in writing.
Exhibit a positive attitude and positive team morale within a small team environment.

Ability to build and maintain positive relationships within the zoo

Maintain a high standard of customer service ranging from public presentations to behind-the-scenes VIP tours.

Ability to convey relevant conservation messages to our guests.




At least four years paid pinniped experience preferred,

Proven ability of participation intraining and husbandry of pinnipedsin a free contact environment.
Knowledge of operant conditioning applied to marine mammals.

Experience working with both geriatric and juvenile animals.

Bachelors Degree (Biology, Psychology or Animal Behavior preferred)
Knowledge of USDA/AZA regulations.
Knowledge of pinnipedbiology, physiology and behavior.
Skilled in public speaking both on and off microphone

Experience in conducting presentations and behind-the-scenes experiences.
Must be able to lift 50lbs comfortably.

Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing
Knowledge of occupational hazards and the ability to follow safety precautions.
Open Water SCUBA certification.
Strong swimming skills.

Ability to work evenings, weekends, holidays as required, including the ability to be flexible to work a rotating shift as assigned.


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