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Conservation comes in many forms. It’s a simple act like recycling a soda can or changing a light bulb. It’s as complex as mapping out a genetic history for a threatened animal species. It’s as joyous as the birth of a young animal, and as sobering as watching a species dwindle down to extinction.

 At Audubon Nature Institute, everything we do comes back to conservation. We want to instill in our visitors an appreciation for the natural world around us so that together, we can make a difference for the world’s wildlife.  We want to pioneer innovative partnerships that make our efforts stronger. We will measure our success by the number of species whose numbers are increasing rather than declining.

Spider Monkey

Audubon Zoo is proud to house and care for a colony of black handed spider monkeys. These social animals tend to live in groups of about 30 animals. When threatened, these animals will “bark,” shake tree limbs, jump up and down, and throw branches. Despite these defenses, spider monkeys are hunted for the pet trade in Central America and are subsequently disappearing in most areas accessible to man.