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Blue-headed Macaw

A trio of blue-headed macaws hatched at Audubon Zoo in May 2014. A brother and two sisters expanded this macaw family and feathers are in flurry as the fledging chicks prepare to leave the nest box under the watchful eye of their parents.

The patriarch of the family was born at Natural Encounters in Florida and moved to the Bronx Zoo in 2010. The mother was born at the Bronx Zoo and in December of 2011 they were both sent to Audubon Zoo for breeding. This is the first time this couple has had chicks so Zookeepers are making sure these parents have the privacy they need to successfully raise their family. The blue-headed macaws reside in the Audubon Aviary so visitors may enjoy and learn to appreciate these rare birds.

Blue-headed macaws are native to South America. Until recently, these parrots were common in the wild but are now classified as vulnerable with a declining population. Their existence is threatened by habitat destruction and the rare bird trade.

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