Resource Conservation

Recycling, Resource Conservation and Local Markets

Audubon Catering hosts hundreds of events each year at Audubon Zoo, the Jerome S. Glazer Audubon Tea Room, Audubon Clubhouse and Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Adopting a green approach to event menus means targeting sustainable seafood and seasonal food sourced locally from Farmer’s Markets and nearby vendors. In addition, a garden of fresh herbs and vegetables at the Zoo enhances menus at all Audubon event venues. To reduce Audubon Catering’s trash output by thousands of pounds every year, leftover food is delivered—at a rate of 40 pounds a day—to Audubon Zoo’s elephants, Jean and Panya. Other “left-overs” are destined for the compost bin to be processed, packaged and sold as high-quality fertilizer, a popular favorite among gardeners, known as ZooDoo Gold.