Sponsored by Chevron, the AquaVan brings the excitement of the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas into your classroom.  Serving the Greater New Orleans Region, students can explore the natural treasures of a tropical rainforest, discover an ocean teeming with life, and even meet some animal neighbors from their own backyard!  The AquaVan comes with amazing animals, enthusiastic presenters, and an endless fascination of nature's wonders.  Programs feature live aquatic or terrestrial animals and interactive hands-on displays for area school children grades PreK - 6th.  The minimum age requirement for AquaVan visits is 4 years old. 

No longer accepting reservations for Summer 2014!

Please send in your reservations for Spring 2015 after September 1stfor Summer 2015 after January 1st.

Thank you for your interest in booking the AquaVan!

Did you know the AquaVan is one of the best deals in town at nearly $2 per student? Please make your reservation at least one month in advance.  Reserve the AquaVan Today!

  • Schools & Camps:  The AquaVan features a 30 - 45 minute interactive lesson for classroom sized audiences up to 35 people.
    • COST: $75 per presentation (up to three presentations)
  • Hospitals & Libraries: The AquaVan program includes a 60 minute assembly style presentation for audiences of all sizes. 
    • COST: $100 per hour
  • Fairs & Festivals: The AquaVan features a tabletop program where guests are encouraged to explore the natural world.
    • COST: $200 per hour (up to three hours)
  •  Assembly Programs (3rd-6th) ThAquaVan features an interactive presentation for 150 people where guests are encouraged to ask questions.
    • COST: $200 per presentation

There is no mileage fee for visits within 45 miles of Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. For visits farther away than 45 miles, a travel surcharge of $0.40 will be assessed for each mile over 45. The amount will be stated in your confirmation letter. 

Thanks to a generous grant from Chevron, Title 1 Public Schools within the Greater New Orleans Region are eligible for one FREE AquaVan visit per school year Any additional visits within the school year will be given at the standard AquaVan rates.

2013-2014 Classroom Programs include:

  • A Day At The Beach (PreK-6th) - Dive into the world of sea creatures and explore some of the habitats and animals living in the world’s seas. Get up close to find out how they move, what they eat, and why we need to protect them! (PKCS-L1, PK-CM-N3, PS-E-A1, LS-E-A5, LS-E-C1, LS-M-D1, LS-M-C3, SE-E-A5, LS-E-A3 & LS-E-C2) 
  • Rainforest Rendezvous (PreK-6th) - Explore the different levels of a rainforest and find out what makes some animals especially suited for survival there. Home to nearly half the animal and plant species in the world, tropical rainforests are disappearing! Find out what we can do to help! (PK-CS-L1, LS-E-A5, LS-E-C1, SE-E-A5 & LS-E-C2) 
  • Swamp Stomp (PreK-6th) - Discover life in your own back yard and find out what animals are living in the swamps and bayous of South Louisiana. Take a close look at how these animals are living right beneath your nose without being detected. (PK-CS-L1, LS-E-A5, LS-E-C1, LS-M-C3, SE-M-A4, SE-E-A5, LS-E-A3, LS-E-C2 & SE-E-A2) 
  • Wiggly, Jiggly, Slithering: Locomotive Animals (PreK-K) - Get on your feet and clap your hands, and learn how animals move! Let’s have fun exploring animal movement and sound through song and dance. *This program requires ample space for movement* (PK-CS-L1, LS-E-A5 &  PK-CM-N3)
  • Recycle, Reduce and Reuse: Protecting Our Environment (2nd-6th) - Over 80% of landfills are full of items that could be recycled.  All the habitats and animals on our planet are important.  Let’s join the cause and learn how to help save the EARTH! *This lesson includes games and relays so ample space should be provided* (ESS-E-A2, SE-M-A4, SE-M-A6, SE-E-A4, SE-E-A5, LS-E-C2, LS-M-C3 & LS-M-D1) 
  • Yuck! Gross Animals (2nd-6th) – Skunks are stinky but did you know that their smell makes them unappealing to predators? Animals and humans have some pretty gross features and habits, but for a reason...let’s have some gross fun! (SE-E-A5, LS-E-A3, LS-M-D1 & LS-E-A5)

For more information please contact Stephanie E. Smith at or 504.378.2637.