Sponsored in part by Shell, the ZOOmobile from Audubon Zoo brings to you the wonders of the natural world by interactive presentation and hands-on animal encounters. Have fun learning about non-native, exotic animals at your school, hospital, church or special event. From rainforest animals in need of protection due to habitat loss to threatened species from around the world, ZOOmobile programming can show students of the Greater New Orleans Area that all animals of the world are important and need our help!

ZOOmobile is reserved on a first come, first-served basis. Please book early, we book 2-3 months out.


Reserve the ZOOmobile today!

The ZOOmobile offers programming to groups of all sizes and ages including schools, camps, churches and more! ZOOmobile presentation types include:

  • Schools & Camps:  The ZOOmobile features a 30 - 45 minute interactive lesson for classroom sized audiences with up to 26 people for Pre-K-1st grade and 35 people for 2nd grade and above, $75.00 per presentation.
  • Hospitals & Libraries: The ZOOmobile program includes an assembly style presentation for audiences of all sizes, $100 per hour.
  • Assembly Programs: The ZOOmobile features an interactive presentation for up to 150 people, $275 per presentation.
  • Fairs & Festivals: The ZOOmobile features a tabletop program where guests are encouraged to explore the natural world, $200 per hour (up to three hours).

*Mileage Fee: There is no mileage fee for visits within 45 miles of the Audubon Zoo.  For visits  farther away than 45 miles, a travel surcharge of $0.40 will be assessed for each mile over 45.  The amount will be stated in your confirmation letter. 

Current Programs:

Animal Nursery Rhymes (Pre-K-K)

Audubon had a little zoo, little zoo, little zoo.  Audubon had a little zoo to bring into your school!  Learn about different animals through songs, movement, fingerplay, and rhymes, guaranteed to engage and entertain your little ones.

Pets vs. Wild (1st–2nd

Learn about some cool critters that you can care for in your home… and some that would be better left in the wild!  Get a jumpstart on your zookeeping career by learning basic animal care, husbandry, and enrichment techniques that you can use with your own pets.

Environmental Stewards (1st 5th)

This popular program includes live animals and an interactive movement activity to help students better understand the relationship between the environment and human activity. This program covers the Louisiana benchmarks SE-E-A3- Science and the Environment.

What’s On the Menu (2nd–5th)

You are what you eat!  Learn about the different types of consumers and their adaptations, how they affect predator-prey relationships, and their roles in the ecosystem by examining biofacts and meeting some eaters. 

Fur, Feathers, and Scales!  (1st-12th

Learn about the different classifications of animals by meeting some real-life examples.  Program can be tailored to different ages to cover topics such as structural anatomy, adaptations, body coverings, evolution, taxonomy, and class-specific characteristics.


Animal Olympics (1st–4th)  ASSEMBLY PROGRAM

Humans vs. Animals:  who will reign supreme?!  Compete in the 2013 Zoolympics against five super-specimens to see who comes out on top in this assembly-style program.

For additional questions about ZOOmobile or our programs or if you're looking for something specific, call (504) 212-5349 or  email us.