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Going Green

Certified by the National Green Restaurant Association

On December 16, 2010 Audubon’s Catering Department became the very first Louisiana caterer to be certified by the National Green Restaurant Association. This prestigious designation means Audubon Catering has met or exceeded strict certification standards by implementing programs and policies to increase environmental sustainability. Audubon Catering has earned a two-star certification, and is committed to qualifying for the top three-star category in future evaluations.


Recycling, Resource Conservation and Local Markets

Audubon Catering hosts hundreds of events each year at Audubon Zoo, the Jerome S. Glazer Audubon Tea Room, Audubon Clubhouse and Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Adopting a green approach to event menus means targeting sustainable seafood and seasonal food sourced locally from Farmer’s Markets and nearby vendors. In addition, a garden of fresh herbs and vegetables at the Zoo enhances menus at all Audubon event venues. To reduce Audubon Catering’s trash output by thousands of pounds every year, leftover food is delivered—at a rate of 40 pounds a day—to Audubon Zoo’s elephants, Jean and Panya. Other “left-overs” are destined for the compost bin to be processed, packaged and sold as high-quality fertilizer known as ZooDoo Gold.


Eco-friendly Efforts

Our "going green" initiatives created an orchard behind the Zoo to supply fresh fruits for our animals, made our own mulch from tree trimmings, turned everything from spent flowers to shredded paper into compost, and brewed “green” coffee for employees. A new Conservation Station also began providing sustainable resources for the Zoo while teaching community members about water conservation and other practices that benefit our environment.

Ecologically responsible efforts extended to Audubon offices, where copy machines use only recycled paper, and cell phones, toner cartridges, radio batteries and other items are recycled. Across the Zoo, lights were retrofitted with LED bulbs, and lowered thermostats saved thousands on electric bills. Modifications to prep sinks and hand sinks save water, and motion-activated lights conserve energy.


The Results

Our commitment to the helping the environment has never been stronger!

Approximately 890 tons of trash and 400 gallons of cooking oil per month are being saved from the landfill. This adds up to 10,704 tons of matter per year that is circumvented from the landfill. Our composting efforts yield close to 25 tons of ZooDoo Gold per month which eliminated landfill debris and created a viable green product full of nutrients to gardeners in our area.

Mailing address: Audubon Nature Institute 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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