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Member FAQs

  • How can I become an Audubon Member or renew my current/lapsed membership?
    You can purchase a membership or renew your current/lapsed membership by joining online, calling (504) 861-5105, or visiting our membership windows at Audubon Zoo, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas or Audubon Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.
  • If I purchase a membership today when will it expire?
    Your membership will expire one year from the last day of the month the membership was purchased. For example, if you purchase a membership on 8/12/14 the membership will expire 8/31/15.
  • Once I join, how soon will I receive my membership card?
    Your membership is active upon purchase. Until you receive your card, you may always visit by showing your temporary membership card (confirmation email if purchased online) or proof of purchase along with your photo ID at the membership windows at the Zoo, Aquarium, and Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. Please allow approximately 3-5 weeks from date of purchase for your membership card to be processed and mailed. Print your temporary membership card online.
  • How many membership cards do I receive with my membership?
    When you join, you will receive one membership card. You may purchase a second card for $5. There is a maximum of two membership cards per membership. *Please note, Safari Krewe, Wildlife Partner, and Golden Eagle categories include a second membership card as part of their membership package.
  • How will I be able to enter the facilities if I have lost or misplaced my membership card?
    Once you are a member your information is entered into our database. With your photo ID we can access that database pull up your profile. Please present your ID at any of our membership windows at either the Zoo, Aquarium, or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium. You may also print and use a temporary card along with your photo ID.
  • How can I buy a membership as a gift?
    You can purchase a gift membership at the membership window on your next visit to the Zoo, Aquarium, or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium; purchase a gift membership online; call us at (504) 861-5105 or download the online membership form and send it to us.
  • Online membership form
  • How do I determine when my membership expires?
    Your membership expiration date is located on your membership card. If you do not have your card you can check your membership expiration date online.
  • How many children are covered under my membership (Family, Family Plus, Safari Krewe, Wildlife Partner and Golden Eagle)?
    The above memberships cover YOUR DEPENDENT children and/or YOUR grandchildren ages 2 – 18. Children/grandchildren under 2 years of ages are FREE to enter the facilities. Any additional children present will be charged general admission to the facility. You can use guest passes for any of the additional children you may have present with you.
  • The membership I purchased comes with one-day guest passes. When will I receive my guest passes?
    All guest passes are mailed with the membership card. You will need to have the guest passes in hand to redeem them for a ticket(s).
  • Can I still use the guest passes if they were left at home/misplaced/lost? Can they be replaced?
    You must have the guest passes with you in order to use them. We are unable to replace guest passes.
  • My guest passes have expired. Can I still use them?
    Guest passes must be used before the expiration date.
  • How can I replace my lost/stolen membership card?
    If your card has been lost or stolen and you would like a replacement, you can purchase a new card for $5 over the phone at (504) 861-5105 or in person at the Zoo, Aquarium, or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.
  • How do I upgrade my membership and how much will it cost?
    If you choose to upgrade your membership, you can do it at any time. The cost to upgrade will be the difference between your current membership and the upgraded membership. For example, if you have the Family Plan ($155) and want to upgrade to the Family Plus Plan ($190) you will pay $35.
    Upgrading your membership does not RENEW your membership. When you upgrade, your expiration date will remain the same. To upgrade your membership, call us at (504) 861-5105, upgrade online or on site at the membership windows at the Zoo, Aquarium or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium.
  • As a member do I receive any other benefits than free entrance into the Zoo, Aquarium, and Butterfly Garden and Insectarium?
    Members enjoy $5 admission to Entergy Giant Screen Theater as well as significant discounts at Audubon's gift shops and golf course. Read the full list of member benefits.
  • How can I change the address on my membership?
    We want to keep in touch! Drop by the membership window at the Zoo, Aquarium, or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium to change your address. Please make sure you have a photo ID with you at the time of the change! You can also email us at Please include your old address, new address and let us know if the change is permanent or temporary.
  • I am not receiving the monthly newsletter, @Audubon. How can I begin receiving this?
    Receiving @Audubon is easy! Call us at (504) 861-5105, drop by our membership window at the Zoo, Aquarium, or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium or send us an email at This newsletter is electronic so we will need an active email address.
  • How does the babysitter privilege work? What membership would I have to buy to be able to use it?
    The babysitter privilege comes with the Family Plus, Safari Krewe, Wildlife Partner and Golden Eagle memberships. Family Plus and Safari Krewe allows you to send one “babysitter” to the Zoo, Aquarium, or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium with your children and/or grandchildren under the age of 18. Wildlife Partner and Golden Eagle allows you to send two “babysitters." The privilege only allows your children (the children covered under the membership) and the babysitter(s) to enter the facility. All other guests (additional adults and/or children) will have to pay general admission prices. The babysitter(s) will need to present your membership card, a brief permission note stating that they have permission to use the membership, and the babysitter's photo ID to match the permission note.
  • Is parking at the Aquarium, Theater, and Butterfly Garden and Insectarium free for members?
    There is no free parking downtown, but there is discounted parking in certain lots. 

    Self-parking is $5 off at the Badine Parking Lot and Canal Place Parking Garage. At the Hilton Whale Wall Lot and World Trade Center, self-parking rates for up to 6 hours is $7 off of the posted price. For time exceeding 6 hours or a parking rate exceeding $18, regular rates will apply. Parking tickets must be validated at the Aquarium, Theater or Butterfly Garden and Insectarium to receive the parking discount.

  • Can I bring strollers, wagons and coolers into the Zoo?
    You are more than welcome to bring strollers, wagons and ice chests into the Zoo on most days. If the Zoo is hosting a festival (Earth fest, Soul Fest, etc.) you will NOT be allowed to bring a cooler. We do have strollers and wagons for rent at the information booth inside the Zoo.
  • Is any part of my membership purchase tax deductible?
    Please note, per IRS regulations, all charitable organizations must provide a written disclosure statement concerning quid pro quo contributions over $75.00. Our good faith estimate of fair market value of this membership is equal to or greater than the cost of the membership. Therefore, no part of the membership is tax deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for further guidance.

  • Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable and cannot be applied toward group or camp admission

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