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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony New Orleans

Lush and inviting, Audubon Park is a naturally beautiful destination to pledge your vows in an outdoor wedding ceremony. New Orleans residents and visitors can choose to plan their special ceremonies at one of several charming locations within Audubon Park:

  • The Labyrinth: Created as a calming, meditative space, the Labyrinth is a gift to park-goers to provide respite and escape from daily pressures. What better place to speak your intentions for the future? The circular, paved walkway is located on East Drive adjacent to Audubon Stables. While this is a lovely area, with a formal entry arch and a well-tended walking trail, it best suits a short, simple ceremony. The location is without restrooms and there is no access to electricity or water. If you dream of a quiet, picturesque spot under majestic oaks, the Labyrinth is worth considering.
  • The "Tree of Life":  Named by locals, this impressive tree is thought to be one of Audubon Park's oldest. For more than a century it has served as a choice spot for children and adults to relax and play. Massive in size, there is ample room beneath its boughs to host a wedding party. The tree is located on East Drive between The Riverview exit and The Labyrinth. There are no signs or plaques to mark your arrival, but the grand tree can't be missed. Look for the giant oak on your left nestled to the rear of the large grassy field. Many couples choose The Tree Of Life for their special day due to the legend which says the tree was first planted as a wedding gift for the bride of a New Orleans plantation owner many years ago. And the gift of love still stands today. This location does not have restrooms, electricity, shelter, or water access. This venue is fitting for a short, simple ceremony.
  • The Newman Bandstand: The Newman Bandstand is a commanding location at the edge of a park lagoon. It suits both large and small gatherings, and is very popular for weddings and parties. The bandstand has hosted groups ranging from the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra to elementary school choirs and was prominently featured in the Academy Award-winning movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” This structure sits just off Magazine Street near the Audubon Clubhouse and Shelter #10. The bandstand must be reserved along with Shelter #10 or with the Audubon Clubhouse. Many couples arrange for a ceremony at Newman Bandstand with a reception following at the adjacent Audubon Clubhouse. If reserved with the clubhouse, this venue can be reserved years in advance. If reserved with the shelter, the bandstand may only be reserved two months in advance. We suggest booking as early as possible due to high demand for this location. Newman Bandstand is the only park location where amplified music is allowed.
  • The St. Charles Avenue Entrance: The St. Charles Avenue entrance to Audubon Park is quite possibly the grandest and most majestic area of the park. Located steps from the streetcar line, it is not uncommon for couples and wedding parties, dressed in wedding finery, to arrive by streetcar for a ceremony in this charming location. The entrance features giant stone columns, a gorgeous fountain encircled by benches, and impeccable landscaping. Another common sight is a ceremony at the fountain while the ring of benches seats the wedding party and guests. The benches can accommodate approximately 50-65 guests. This area does not include shelter, electricity, water access, or restrooms although there is a shelter nearby with restrooms.
  • Cecile’s Crepe Myrtle Grove: This location was dedicated to beloved Cecile by her children and grandchildren because this was her favorite spot in the park—and it is easy to see why. The crepe myrtle grove is exactly as named. There is a circular path around the grove and a small open field in the middle, a perfect setting to pledge vows. This area is beautifully landscaped and graced with dozens of crepe myrtles. There are two small gazebos at each end and a nearby shelter within one hundred yards from the grove. The venue is located in the park off of Walnut Street towards the St. Charles and Walnut juncture.

Contact the Shelter Coordinator for more information.

Because Audubon Park is first and foremost a public park, we cannot reserve a designated area for your outdoor wedding ceremony. New Orleans rules must state a first-come/first-serve basis for these venues, we have never had an issue with a bride and groom or other party planner not having access to their chosen location at their date and time. Instead, we find folks in New Orleans love a party, they are genuinely happy to hear a celebration is planned and they easily disperse once they understand what is taking place. That said, we must remind you that having an outdoor wedding ceremony in a public park always involves risks. A permit is mandatory for all events of more than 25 people to cover security and clean-up costs; a $75 fee is associated with all permits.

If you would prefer to reserve a secure location that is private and readily accessible, please consider one of Audubon’s many private venues.

Mailing address: Audubon Nature Institute 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118
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