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Scales & Ales Event Guide

The O-fish-al Guide to Scales & Their Ales

If you had Scales, what would be your Ale?

Scales & Ales, Presented by Louisiana Seafood, is an annual event to benefit the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas. Scales & Ales will feature local restaurants, Abita beer, and raffle prizes. Limited tickets are available. Purchase your ticket today!

Catfish--Abita Amber
Abita Amber always gets a Catfish’s whiskers twitching.

Queen Angelfish--Abita Light
The sassy Queen Angelfish pairs perfectly with a bottle of Abita Light.

Lionfish--Jockamo IPA
The golden ale Jockamo IPA makes any Lionfish roar.

Jellyfish--Purple Haze
Jellyfish go with the flow just like the Purple Haze drinker.

Seahorse--Restoration Pale Ale
Abita’s Pale Ale really gives a Seahorse the urge to giddy-up and go!

Abita’s Turbodog is a big beer taste for one of the ocean’s biggest fish, the Barracuda.

Enjoy two of LA’s best resources: Crawfish and our shore line with Abita’s charitable pilsner, Save Our Shore.

Both the Piranha and Abita Satsuma pack quite a bite!

Hammerhead shark--Fall fest
Hammerhead sharks wouldn’t dream of drinking anything but the powerful Abita Fall Fest.

White Alligator--Andygator
White Alligators aren’t the only gator you’ll find in Louisiana. Don’t forget Andygator, an Abita of the swamp.

Seafood Fun Facts presented by Louisiana Seafood

  • One year’s Shrimp catch would wrap around the Mercedes-Benz Louisiana Superdome 95,000 times
  • The 2007 Acme Oyster Eating Champion, Patrick Bertoletti, ate 53.5 dozen oysters
  • 90% of the nation’s crawfish come from Louisiana

Aquarium Fun Facts

  • There are 130,000 gallons of water in the Caribbean tank.
  • There are 400,000 gallons of water in the Gulf of Mexico Tank.
  • There are more than 10,000 fish in the Aquarium’s collection
  • Audubon makes their own salt water to use in the Aquarium. More than 32,000 pounds of Salt are used to create the Aquarium’s Salt Water Mix.

Did You Know?

  • It would take 3.2 million pints of beer to fill the Gulf of Mexico Tank.
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 Louisiana Seafood
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